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Landowner Partnerships


Creating long-term partnerships with landowners.

We work with landowners who are interested in partnering with us to achieve our goal of creating flexibility and stability in the electricity grid.  Our approach to project siting is to partner with landowners who want to partner with us. 


We fully fund all aspects of our projects from the development stage, through operations and into the reclamation stage. 

Our commitment to our project landowners is to foster a long-lasting relationship built on trust, transparency and honesty. 


Site selection and commercial discussions.

Following initial discussions with landowners, we secure land access consent and perform desktop and high-level on-site feasibility studies to determine if the site is suitable for development.  Following our high-level assessment, if we determine that the site has potential to support one of our projects, we enter into commercial discussions to execute a surface lease option agreement.


During the option period, we perform detailed studies to further evaluate the site's suitability. If we determine that the site is viable, we seek the necessary permits from provincial and municipal regulators and advance the site to a state of construction readiness.


Benefits of becoming a project landowner.

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Landowners benefit from annual lease payments for hosting a project.

Our leases are long-term - typically 20-25 years, providing landowners with an additional stream of revenue during operations.


Our projects have a minimal impact to the environment given their small construction and operating footprint.


We ensure projects are sited in accordance with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) regulations. 


By connecting to the local electric and natural gas networks already in place, we make use of this existing infrastructure, minimizing impacts to landowners and other stakeholders during construction and operations.


Our projects are compatible with ongoing farming, ranching and/or agricultural activities, given our project's relatively small operating footprint - typically less than one acre.

Questions regarding landowner partnerships?

If you would like to learn more about how to become a project landowner or if you are a current project landowner and have questions about one of our projects, please email us at

Vendors & Suppliers

Interested in registering as a vendor or supplier?

As we advance our projects to construction and operations, we're looking to expand our vendor and supplier base.

We are committed to using local vendors and suppliers where possible under the guidance of our general construction contractor. 

Local suppliers interested in learning more about how they can become involved in the selection of suppliers and vendors are invited to share their business profiles with us.


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