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Providing grid stability.

With an energy transition underway, we believe there is a growing need for flexible generation facilities to support the stability of electricity grids across Canada.

The increase in intermittent renewable generation combined with increasing load growth and the phase-out of coal generation, presents an opportunity for Versorium to contribute to grid stability through the development of fast-to-dispatch facilities that will help offset day-to-day and seasonal electricity demand spikes when there is a shortage of supply in the market.

Contributing to a sustainable future.

Looking to the future, we are committed to contributing to environmental, social and governance (ESG) transition in Canada. 


Our highly efficient natural gas facilities are capable of running on 25% hydrogen today, with a capability target of 100% by 2030. As hydrogen production and distribution gains momentum as a clean energy fuel source for electricity generation, we will evaluate the viability of transitioning our facilities to this fuel technology. 


Leadership Team


President and CEO

Dean has been involved in the Alberta and North American electricity markets for over 25 years. Over this period, he has held various executive roles with Canadian energy companies ranging from asset optimization and trading through long term capital investment. Dean holds a master's degree in energy policy and systems modelling.


VP Corporate Development  & Finance


Murray has been involved in power markets, with a focus on the Alberta power market, for 27 years. He has managed speculative trade books, managed and maximized the gross profit for a large fleet of assets across deregulated power markets in North America, to managing the market design group for AESO during Alberta’s capacity market design process.

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VP Asset Development & Regulatory

Chris has worked on electricity projects and policy for 15 years with private companies, public agencies, and consumer groups. 


He has managed several regulatory applications for facilities, policy and rates in Alberta, Ontario and the U.S., and has planned major electricity projects. 


Chris holds a master’s degree in electric power engineering.


VP Project Execution & Operations

Doug has more than 23 years of experience in power, thermal, and oil and gas applications. His focus in the power industry has been combined power and thermal management, commercial management, business development, responsible energy solutions, mergers and acquisitions, definitive agreement development and negotiations, industrial plant design, construction, operations, maintenance and production management.



Manager, Stakeholder & Community Engagement and Public Relations

Jeff has led stakeholder and community engagement and consultation on electricity projects for over 9 years. He has successfully managed consultation and engagement programs for wind, gas and battery storage projects across Canada and the U.S. Jeff is a strong believer that the success of a project hinges on open and transparent consultation with stakeholders. 

Misson & Values


Our mission is to become a leading power generation company by developing flexible and sustainable energy solutions to transform Canada's electricity grids. This is what we refer to as Smart Energy.

At Versorium, we believe that our mission and culture are what set us apart from other companies in the power industry. Our company's culture is guided by our people - people who share the same beliefs, behaviours and values.


At the core of Versorium are three key values that drive how we do business:

Construction Managers

Commitment to SAFETY.

We are committed to protecting our people, the public, the environment and the company’s assets.


Meeting this commitment is a corporate responsibility for Versorium and the personal responsibility of each employee and contractor working on our behalf.

We believe that Zero Is Real, which means all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. Our people are expected to speak up about unsafe conditions and behaviours, take action to address concerns or stop unsafe work, and look out for each other 24/7.

Whether our employees work in a field location or in an office setting, they must always ensure that they comply with all health, safety and environment related legal requirements and must comply with Versorium's corporate safety policies.

Safe, reliable and incident-free operations will always be critical to our success.

We expect every employee and contractor working for us to uphold our high ethical standards - what we call our "business integrity". Our focus on business integrity is guided by our code of conduct which includes clear policies, guidelines and training programs, along with procedures to help us prevent, detect and respond to any inappropriate business activities or behaviour.

Versorium's code of conduct, provides a framework of the "do's" and "don'ts" to follow in our daily business activities.  In its simplest form, our mandatory code of conduct highlights two key elements:


ETHICAL BEHAVIOUR  governing with integrity, honesty, and truthfulness and abiding by laws that prohibit bribery, corruption, money laundering or other fraudulent activities.  This commitment to prevention is a cornerstone of Versorium’s pledge to conduct business in an ethical manner. We expect all of our employees, contractors and business partners to abide by our strict anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering standards that we have established as part of our code of conduct and compliance program.

PROTECTING THE BUSINESS, CUSTOMERS, INVESTORS AND THE ENVIRONMENT acting in the best interest of Versorium and preventing harm to people or the environment.


Our embedded culture of integrity combined with our corporate code of conduct ensures that employees, contractors and a business as a whole are acting in alignment with our ethical values, company policies and applicable laws and regulations wherever we do business.


Doing business with INTEGRITY.

Business Colleagues

Responsible STEWARDSHIP.

We believe it is our responsibility and obligation to contribute to the future well-being of our society. For us, success is not just about creating value and earnings for the business, but is defined by the long-term positive economic, social, and environmental impact we have on future generations.


To achieve this vision for success, we are focused on creating value in the following key areas of the business, which are aligned with our culture, values and beliefs:

ENVIRONMENT – ensuring minimal impacts to the natural environment in the development, construction, operations and reclamation phases of our assets through implementation of responsible conservation and sustainability practices.

PEOPLE AND COMMUNITIES – contributing to improving the quality of life for people and strengthening the communities where we operate by directing investment to programs, services and facilities based on a communities’ unique needs. This is outlined in more detail in our Community Investment Strategy.

INFRASTRUCTURE – building resilient and long-term operating assets which contribute to a sustainable and stable electricity grid.

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