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Eligibility Requirements

Versorium’s decision to provide direct community investment considers the following criteria:

  1. Does it support organizations, programs, individuals, services and/or facilities that make an impact to the community where we operate our facilities?

  2. Does it align with one of our key focus areas – Education; Youth and Wellness; Environmental Stewardship; or Recreation, Sport, Culture & Arts?

  3. Can the recipient provide measurable outcomes of the investment?


Projects ineligible for funding include:

  • Religious or politically affiliated organizations;

  • Organizations that directly or indirectly promote illegal activities;

  • With the exception of student scholarships/bursaries, the recipient must not be an individual;

  • Marketing sponsorship requests;

  • Initiatives not located within the local communities where we operate our facilities; and

  • Third-party fundraising requests

What type of request are you making?
Which area is your request primarily focused?
Has Versorium provided you or your organization with funding in the last 12-months?
Where will your request make an impact?
I confirm that I meet the application eligibility requirements as listed above.

Thank you for your application. You will be contacted if your application is approved for funding.

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